Project Manager

Murray Construction is a regional general contractor whose mission is to build that which is lasting.  In the structures we build and the relationships we grow, we pursue excellence, for our clients and each other, as we endeavor to build something greater than ourselves.  Our unique culture, dedicated people, and proven process work together to deliver on our core values of Excellence, Transparency, Teamwork, Growth, and Transcendence.

The Project Manager serves as the quarterback for the project through the entire value creation process by assertively engaging and coordinating the activities of each project team member and all trade partners/suppliers while maintaining a consistent hands-on approach to ensure timely and on-budget completion of all initiatives and tasks required to achieve ownership's goals and objectives for the project.

This is a leadership position. The Project Manager will possess and demonstrate the necessary personal commitment to putting forth the time, energy and effort required to motivate, direct and lead by example the Project Team toward achieving shared project goals and objectives.

Project Manager duties, including but not limited to:

Perform due diligence meeting with project estimator to fully understand all aspects of project and any specific and/or unique information pertaining to project.

Organize, schedule, and lead project pre-construction meeting to include representatives from all subcontractors and appropriate vendors.

Ensure the project is bought out within the estimated budget.

Ensure existence of signed and approved contract with owner before work begins.

Procure any necessary project-specific insurance policies, such as Builder’s Risk, before work begins.

Ensure existence of signed subcontracts, proposal authorizations, or purchase orders before work begins or material is released.

Define and document, with general superintendent and superintendent’s input, the overall project schedule to all trade partners and vendors.

Track and update schedule throughout the project.

Take primary responsibility for proper scoping and contracting of trade partners to meet scheduled starts and ensuring materials are procured and delivered so as not to delay the project schedule.

Schedule periodic job progress schedule meetings(to include all trade partners/vendor field personnel scheduled to start work in the near term) to track project schedule and coordinate work details before their work begins.

Ensure appropriate insurance certificates are on file for all trade partners before work begins.

Create submittal log and use to request appropriate submittals from all trade partners/vendors.

Organize, schedule, and lead recurring Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings to review schedule, CCRs, RFIs, submittals, and other ongoing project issues.

Draft and submit project business plan to Director of Construction Services before work begins.

Keep an organized list of project contacts.

Manage the submittal process correctly and efficiently by ensuring submittals are received, reviewed, approved, and returned while monitoring fabrication time prior to materials required at the project site.

Keep organized submittal files of all pertinent shop drawings and other submittals.

Keep organized and updated Material Tracking and Procurement log.

Keep organized and updated Request for Information (RFI) log.

Keep organized and updated Contract Change Request (CCR) log.

Maintain updated copy of record contract drawings and specifications in an organized manner

Control distribution of all project information to trade partners/vendors (including RFI responses and site instructions).  Incorporate into record contract drawings and specifications.

Review/approve owner billings and ensure they are delivered in a timely fashion.  

Receive, review, code and approve all payment applications and invoices.

Track job cost against the project budget and take primary responsibility for job cost monitoring that maintains the project budget during the project.

Track, price, evaluate, and submit Contract Change Requests in a timely manner.

Manage, track, and issue trade partner/vendor change orders in a timely manner.  

Submit accurate monthly job progress reports and projections to Director of Construction Services.

Monitor payments to a trade partner/vendor for accuracy of work in place.

Assist superintendent with documenting and issuing ongoing punch-lists throughout the duration of the project.

Work with superintendent and safety director to enforce all OSHA and company safety requirements.  

Request, organize, and manage Material Safety Data Sheet paperwork as required by OSHA and company safety requirements.

Encourage superintendent on a regular basis to maintain safety compliance on the jobsite.

Organize and submit all required closeout documents in a timely manner.

Optimal Education and Experience

Applicants should have a minimum of 5-8 years Project Management experience and/or a bachelor’s degree in Building Science or Civil Engineering.  Salary is dependent upon experience level.