Senior Estimator

The Senior Estimator has a key role in the Preconstruction Services Department and is responsible for managing from inception to completion the estimating process for all projects assigned to this role.  This process includes but may not be limited to business development, client engagement, budget development/submission, detailed and comprehensive quantity takeoff, accurate cost evaluation, subcontractor/supplier bid solicitation, subcontractor/supplier scope/qualification/cost evaluation, risk evaluation, and bid submission.  The Senior Estimator is also responsible for management of assigned estimating personnel, preconstruction technology assessment/development, final approval of bids/budgets prepared by assigned personnel, management of subcontractor/supplier relations, and continual development of preconstruction procedures/processes.  The Senior Estimator reports to the Chief Estimator or Director of Preconstruction Services and receives report from positions including, but not limited to Estimators, Estimating Assistants, and administrative personnel assigned to preconstruction-related business.  The Senior Estimator requires a forward-thinking, progressive, dynamic leader who has excellent personnel management skills, an internal and external focus, and the desire to be promoted in a growing company.  Required skills include business development, client relations, subcontractor-vendor relations, excellent time management, leadership, efficiency, and fundamental estimating.  The position requires significant knowledge of and experience with cutting-edge technology, processes, and procedures that produce accurate, efficient results. The Senior Estimator coordinates with other management and senior level positions within the company to share information, ensure streamlined processes across departments, and achieve the business plan of the company.  

Duties: ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS, including but not limited to

affects all aspects of cost used to prepare preconstruction estimates and correspondence.

               - Organize/Update/Submit prequalification data as required

               - Create/maintain organized estimate files

               - Take responsibility for all preconstruction correspondence with all involved parties, including bid invitations,
                  requests for information, addenda, and scope of work clarifications

               - Establish complete understanding of project scope of work related to the request for proposal

               - List comprehensive estimate with detailed line items appropriate for the scope of work of each project

               - Solicit accurate pricing from qualified subcontractors/vendors/suppliers to ensure adequate competitive
                 coverage of each estimate line item

               - Organize project site visits if necessary to define scope and familiarity with the project

               - Define/confirm scope of work for each subcontractor/vendor/supplier and produce written scope sheet
                  certified by same if other documentation of scope is not completely clear

               - Generate a solid, comprehensive estimate that can be managed without buyout savings to produce the estimated
                  fee included, with content and clarifications appropriate for preconstruction stage of project

               - Submit proposal in a professional manner and in timeframe and format required.  Include scope of work
                  clarifications document to clarify any relevant information not clarified in the bid documents

               - Participate in meeting with project management team to prepare any successful estimates for construction