Vice President of Construction Operations

The Vice President Construction Operations (VPCO) is an officer of the company and leadership team member.  The VPCO’s primary role is leader of the company’s construction operations, including oversight of project management, field, safety, and equipment. The VPCO, as leader of the Construction Services department, reports to the President of the company and serves alongside leaders of the following departments: Preconstruction Services, Financial Operations, and Corporate Operations.  The VPCO receives report from positions including project managers, field operations directors, and construction administrative positions. The VPCO owns the Construction Services department’s operations, results, and contribution to the company through development and oversight of all construction services personnel and processes.  The VPCO must have excellent personnel management skills and be passionate about leadership, management, development, and accountability.  Required skills include leadership, efficiency, process development & implementation, excellent time management, personnel development/management, subcontractor/vendor relations, and construction project management & field experience.  The position requires a growth mindset and experience with industry-leading technology, processes, and procedures that produce accurate, efficient results.  The VPCO is a leadership position that requires the ability to help lead the organization in areas beyond the Construction Services Department and coordinates with other leadership positions to plan and execute the business plan of the company.

ESSENTIALFUNCTIONS, including but not limited to:

Department Management, Personnel Management, and Training

o   Lead and manage the business of the Construction Services Department and coordinate with other departments and business units to support the goals of the company

o   Develop and manage the departmental business plan and strategy.  Communicate annual goals, benchmarks, and timelines for the position and department

o   Identify, evaluate, hire, and terminate construction services personnel assigned to report to this position

o   Lead, manage, and hold accountable all reporting positions and ensure same throughout the department

o   Develop personnel through training and initiatives

o   Oversee existing departmental processes.  Develop and implement new departmental processes when needed

o   Develop, track, and analyze key metrics for department and personnel

o   Oversee and approve job projections, construction services accounts payable & receivable, and construction services expenses

o   Actively build and maintain relationships with key customers, design consultants, trade partners, and other groups needed to further the work of the company

o   Oversee all departmental communications and flow of information

o   Oversee risk management for the department

o   Manage the relationship with existing customers and serve as the senior point of contact for them during the construction process

o   Display comprehensive technical understanding of the construction process and leadership to build projects effectively


o   Participate in industry, client, and community relations and events

o   Serve on Leadership Team of the company

o   Identify client/project prospects, build relationships, and help develop business for the company

o   Engage in leadership and management techniques that are above reproach

o   Establish a culture of energy and motivation to achieve company and departmental goals

o   Possess an entrepreneurial spirit requiring the ability to be self-motivated

o   Ability to meet deadlines and put in the time needed to get the job done

o   Ability to work in a team environment and fit in with company culture and processes.

o   Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

o   Good attention to detail with the ability to recognize discrepancies.

o   Good business sense with willingness to learn, adapt, and expand into new responsibilities.


Possess a degree from a 4-year college or university preferably specialized in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or Building Science.  Business management and/or business administration experience is a plus.

Possession of at least fifteen (15) years of construction industry experience, with at least (5) years in Project Management and/or construction department management.

Experience as leader and manager of a department or business unit in an organization.